Getting Started with Small Drones

The popularity of drones for entertainment and professional uses is growing. Kids of all ages, adults, and professional photographers fly drones of all sizes. Large drones with long ranges take some practice to navigate and use safely. Since these big models can be an investment, it is better to use smaller drones when first learning how to fly.

Mini Drones

A mini drone is one that can fit into a medium-sized backpack or tote bag. These can be used indoors, but are recommended for outdoor use. A strong motor and stability makes it possible to launch and fly in the presence of light winds. The flying range can be as high as two-hundred millimeters, which is approximately eight inches.

Battery life ranges from five minutes of flying time to nearly thirty minutes, depending on the model selected. The Best Mini drones, according to, include the Xiro Xplorer Mini, the Wingsland S6, and the Rabing Foldable Mini RC drone which is the Best mini drone with camera. The most popular one is the DJI Spark with a maximum speed of thirty miles per hour.


There are many options for affordable mini drones so it pays to compare brands drones and features. Some have plastic casing to protect the propellers and camera. Most come with controls, but some are controlled solely via smart phones. Facial recognition software is built-in on some models, and many are compatible with First-Person View (FPV) headsets.

Nano Drones

The term nano drones refers to all drones that can fit into the palm of the hand. These are lightweight, can be found for well under ten dollars, and are perfect for indoor use. Outdoor use is not recommended because the drone can be carried off by even the lightest of breezes. It is also difficult to see a nano drone in the sunlight.

Features include fast re-charging times, the capability to do flips and tricks, and cameras on some models. Some models included in the Best Nano Drones review are the JJRH H36 with and LED light for night flying, the Cheerson CX-10, and the Virhuk Volar-360. Some are packaged in cases that double as controls. This size is ideal for those just starting out flying drones.

A guide to the Best Mini and Nano Drones For Beginners, along with the latest news and reviews regarding large drones, can be found on the Drones Globe website. Starting small will be more cost-effective, allow flyers to become skilled before spending the money on larger drones, and provide hours of entertainment inside and out.


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